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Final Four match ups

Tomorrows games are going to be some of the best games of the year because of the one-on-one match ups. Kemba Walker I am hoping will be guarding either Lamb or Knight of Kentucky. Both of those players are freshmen… Walker is a very experienced player with great poise. He is clutch and been unstoppable in the tournament. The 2 guards have been wonderful through the season and are really starting to light up since march. Knight just is coming off hitting the greatest shot of his career against Ohio state in the last few seconds.Lamb has also been affective through the year with his three point shooting ability. He has had a few injuries that definitely affected his performance. I think that it will be a very fun game to watch but I think the experienced UConn team will be able to pull it out by 5 or so.

There will defiantly be some great match ups in the Butler VCU game. I think it’s going to be a point guard battle in this game Mack against Rodriguez of who can distribute the ball more efficiently and take good shots when necessary. Mack of Butler is a great three point shooter and a great “drive-and-disher” out to open three point shooters. Rodriguez from VCU has been very motivated by criticism towards his team but can that still keep going? He likes to play in transition and can knock down back to back to back three pointers in just seconds. Someone once said “if you live by the three pointer you will die by the three pointer” I believe that could come true this game. If Butler can tighten up there defense than they will win. If VCU shoots effectively and gets the open three pointers then they will win. I think butler will pull it out!


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