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Now that both of the Big Championships are done, I think it’s time to compare the championships. You may not think that there were many similarities in the games, but watching them both I really found some key ones. First off and most importantly, there were huge stars in these games, but they did not show up to play. The real stars of the games were the Freshmen Michael Dyer and Brandon Lamb. I really had never heard of Michael Dyer until he made that game winning run. Now those guys came to prove something taking the spotlight off “The Stars”. It doesn’t matter what anybody else says, those guys are the reason that they won. Next, the teams in the Championships where no where near supposed to be good this year all four of them, UConn was placed ninth in their conference and not even ranked. These Champions are in the powerhouses conferences of their sport, but these are not the teams supposed to be good. Another similarity that is kinda cool is that the halftime score of the basketball game is the same as end of the football game score 19-22. Each winning team nearing the end of the game really had a huge push to win and the other team just gave out. I would definitely say that the Freshmen lead this push. Definitely the Football was a tone more fun to watch than this basketball game.


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